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Get a fixed online quote with 0% APR available on selected models. Need a boiler replacement? Glasgow properties are within catchment area covered by BoilerClick. We provide a variety of boiler repair services in Glasgow but when you find a repair is economically unviable, we can arrange for a cost-effective boiler replacement.

Free Boiler Replacement in Glasgow

When you need a new boiler replacement, Glasgow gas engineers at BoilerClick are your best candidates to get a fair and competitive quote based on the exact specifications of boiler your property needs.

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We supply and fit replacement boilers from leading brands including Worcester Bosch, Vokera, Beka, Glow-Warm, Vaillant and more…

All our boiler replacements are fully-warrantied, installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations ensuring the warranty is valid for the duration it’s applicable for, and that can be as long as 12-years on some models.

The majority of boilers need replacing after around 15-years of use. In Glasgow, gas central systems are used more frequently throughout the year. When the cost to maintain your heating system is becoming unjustifiable, a boiler replacement may be what’s needed to bring your energy bills and put a stop to boiler breakdowns!

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Conventional and Condensing Combi Boilers

At BoilerClick, we take great pride in the work we do, knowing that all our boiler replacement services will continually save our customers money for years. Both in terms of parts and labour to maintain a gas central heating system but more importantly, on the daily energy bills. Less money spent heating your home is more you can spend on other family essentials.

Condensing combi boilers are the most energy efficient, therefore, have the lowest running costs. These can be fitted with a Flue Gas Heat Recovery System for even lower energy costs. In this type of setup, an extra heat exchanger is installed to essentially recycle warm air that’d otherwise escape through the flue. The heat exchanger uses that warm air to maintain the cold water in the boiler at a warmer temperature.

In the winter, you’ll experience hot water from your taps faster and your radiators will heat faster too because the cold water won’t be near freezing temperatures, which puts extra work on the boiler, often causing parts to wear faster than they should.

On conventional systems, while more costly to run, they do have their place in some properties. Larger family households and commercial properties that need hot water to run at the same time. Combi boilers don’t afford you the luxury of running two showers at the same time, so unless someone prefers a cold shower, there’s going to be a queue to use the shower.

Conventional boiler replacements can be done with a like-for-like model or with a boiler replacement that has a higher power output – provided the pipework is suitable to cope with the water flow rate.

Many of the older properties in Glasgow that pre-date the 1980s typically have conventional boilers with water tanks and cylinders for hot water storage. More modern boiler replacements from the year 2000 onwards tend to be some form of combination boiler or condensing combi boiler.

In more recent years, condensing combi boilers have advanced so much they’re able to reach as high as 90% energy efficiency. Boilers older than 15-years are generally only 70% efficient, and that can be worse on some models that have definitely seen better days.

Whether you need to replace a standard boiler or are considering an upgrade to a new combi boiler, you can get the advice you need from a registered Gas Safe engineer who is knowledgeable on all heating system used in Glasgow properties.

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