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Get a fixed online quote with 0% APR available on selected models. Need a boiler replacement? Coatbridge properties are within catchment area covered by BoilerClick. We provide a variety of boiler repair services in Coatbridge but when you find a repair is economically unviable, we can arrange for a cost-effective boiler replacement.

When is a Boiler Replacement Recommended?

Heating your home shouldn’t be costing a huge chunk of your income. Data from Ofgem show that the average spend on home energy has reduced year-on-year since 1993. Spending more time at home will see your heating costs rise naturally as a result of being used more, however, it will increase exponentially more if your boiler isn’t operating efficiently.

Boiler Replacements and Upgrades Explained

Modern boiler replacements are usually condensing boilers that use a larger heat exchanger to recover more heat, send cooler gases up your flue and ultimately keep more warm air indoors.

If you need to replace an old boiler that uses a hot water cylinder, a boiler only replacement may be the most cost-effective. Combi boilers are more energy efficient at heating your home and your hot water, but whether they are worth replacing a hot water tank depends on how much hot water you use.

In large family households, the hot water cylinder can be more energy efficient as it retains heat, whereas a combi boiler will need to heat the cold water from a cooler temperature each time you run your hot water tap.

Our gas engineers can provide you with a range of boiler replacement options and give you expert advice tailored to your unique circumstances ensuring you get the right type of boiler that works best for your home.

Free Boiler Replacement in Coatbridge To Maximize Energy Efficiency

Depending on the age of your existing central heating system, there may be other aspects that can be improved on to increase the overall efficiency of any type of new boiler. Replacement parts are aplenty on every heating system. From thermostats and individually controlled radiator valves and boiler systems with increased heat recovery. Depending on the boiler model, some options can include a heat recovery device to save even more energy.

Whatever your unique needs are to heat your home, BoilerClick can provide a cost-effective boiler replacement service that’s guaranteed to last for years.

All our boiler replacement services are installed by approved, registered and highly experienced gas engineers in Coatbridge.

Your First Choice for Boiler Replacement

Our gas engineers go above and beyond to assist homeowners in Coatbridge to lower the cost of a boiler replacement while keeping the monthly costs to a minimum, and that includes financing.

Whilst we can’t give you financial advice on loans or the likes, we can tell you that the Scottish Government fund Home Energy Efficiency Programs (HEEPS), which includes grants and interest-free loans. See the Funds Finder page here. If your boiler breaks down and the cost of a repair is unjustifiable, you could be eligible for an interest-free loan by opting for a boiler upgrade that qualifies as being energy efficient.

At BoilerClick, we supply the latest and most economical green models of boilers that are manufactured by reputable brands serving the UK domestic heating market.

When you need a boiler replacement, Coatbridge’s BoilerClick is your top-choice for the best rated heating system that lowers your bills month-after-month!

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